US delisting: Buhari govt has never been a strict violator, says MURIC

Islamic basic liberties association, Muslim Rights Concern, has said that the public authority of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has never subdued religions in Nigeria. 

MURIC Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, in a talk with The PUNCH, said the United States added Nigeria to its rundown of strict violators in 2020 on account of the "lies" it got from certain Nigerians. 

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in an assertion last Wednesday, had boycotted Russia, China and eight different nations as strict violators, leaving out Nigeria which was set on similar rundown of 'Nations of Particular Concern' on the issue of opportunity of religion in 2020. 

Blinken, who was later in Abuja last Thursday and Friday, apparently let the Buhari know that the delisting of Nigeria from the rundown of strict violators depended on realities. 

Numerous Nigerians and gatherings including the Christian Association of Nigeria, have since blamed the expulsion of Nigeria from the rundown, demanding that Christians are as yet being mistreated in the country in the midst of a supposed plot to Islamise Nigeria. 

Nonetheless, the MURIC chief said the two Christians and Muslims are being killed in the country. 

"We have a misfortune confronting the two Christians and Muslims unequivocally. Is it the public authority that is killing Christians? Who are those killing Christians in the South-East? Toward the North-East where there are insurrection and banditry, the executioners don't segregate; they assault Muslims and Christians," he said. 

Akintola added, "Nigeria was never a strict violator. The organization we have now was never a strict violator. Government at the administrative level, our President has never had the chance to manhandle religion, to utilize it subjectively. 

"It is only that a few Nigerians need to get at specific individuals in power definitely, And along these lines, they can prepare any untruths and take to the US and in light of the fact that the US is consistently eager for data about different nations, the US would accept it without a second thought." 

"No Nigerian ought to go external the nation to compose negative reports or take advantage of excessive leverage to talk contrarily about the country," he added.


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